Recipe: Eggless Tofu Salad Sandwich

Enjoy this tofu spread as is, or add a personal touch
tofu eggless salad

Fiber’s the non-digestible/non-absorbable part of food. It aids digestion and keeps you full longer — and also helps control blood sugars by slowing down the rate that glucose enters your blood stream.

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Soluble fiber, in particular, binds around bile (made up of cholesterol) in your gut and helps remove it, so it lowers cholesterol (specifically LDL cholesterol). Foods that are high in fiber are plant-based (like whole grains, fruits, vegetables, beans/legumes, nuts and seeds.) To boost your soluble fiber intake, choose oats, brown rice, barley, dried beans, root vegetables, apples, pears and citrus fruits.

Our eggless tofu salad sandwich is also great way to get plenty of fiber into your lunch or dinner. Enjoy it as-is, or add a personal touch – capers, chopped onion, fresh herbs, bell pepper or olives.


1 lb. firm low-fat tofu, well drained
½ cup soy mayonnaise
2 tsp Dijon mustard
¼ tsp chopped garlic
1/8 tsp turmeric
1 Tbs chopped fresh parsley
1 tsp chopped fresh tarragon or ¼ tsp dried
Salt and ground black pepper to taste
½ cup diced celery
2 Tbs finely chopped scallions
8 slices whole-wheat bread
2 large carrots, grated (1¼ cups)
1 cup sprouts, such as clover or alfalfa

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  1. Put tofu into medium bowl. Using your hands, crumble until texture resembles mashed eggs.
  2. Add mayonnaise and stir to blend. Stir in mustard, garlic, turmeric, parsley, tarragon, salt and pepper. Then stir in celery and scallions until blended.
  3. On your work surface, place 4 slices of bread. On each slice, layer tofu salad, carrots and sprouts. Top with remaining bread, cut sandwiches in half and serve.

Nutritional information (per serving)

Calories: 333, Fat: 10 g, Saturated Fat: 2 g, Carbohydrates: 48 g, Fiber: 8 g, Cholesterol: 0 mg, Sodium: 788 mg, Protein: 16 g

Dietitians’ note

  • Need to save time? Skip the sprouts or carrots.
  • You can use dried parsley instead of fresh — it’s cheaper.
  • Want more crunch? Add extra celery.
  • You can use low-fat mayo or Miracle Whip® if you don’t want to buy soy mayonnaise.

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