Recipe: Quick Vegan Vanilla Shake

A delicious way to fuel your day
vanilla shake with frozen banana

Enjoy protein and fiber packaged in a nutritious, cool and creamy shake with this vegan recipe from wellness chef Jim Perko.

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¾ cup almond milk, unsweetened
1 whole banana (8 to 10 inches long), peeled, frozen
1-½ tablespoon of almond butter, unsweetened
2 teaspoons vanilla


  1. Place all ingredients into a blender.
  2. Process until well-blended.
  3. Serve immediately.

Chef’s note: Create your own version by adding soy milk to make it creamier and other nut butters to explore different flavors.

Nutrition information

Makes 2 servings

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Per serving:

Calories 160
Saturated fat 0.5g
Cholesterol 0mg
Fiber 3g
Carbohydrate 19g
Protein 4g

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