Which Is the Best Protein Source?

Fuel your body simply and smartly

When you think of protein, you probably think of meat. Yet many have turned away from this source, especially red meat, for the fear of its “unhealthiness” due to its higher amount of saturated fat. Functional medicine doctor Mark Hyman, MD, points out why (if you eat it) meat is an easier way to meet your suggested daily protein intake.

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The numbers are obvious: You would have to eat a lot more peanut butter and tofu to match the protein amount in a smaller piece of meat. Yet Dr. Hyman is not suggesting a constant carnivore diet.

“You can get a portion of your daily protein from plants,” he says. “But for most people, especially as we age and need more protein to maintain our muscle mass, animal protein is important.”

This article is adapted from Dr. Hyman’s book “What the Heck Should I Eat?” (© 2018, Hyman Enterprises, LLC)

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