Why Become an Organ Donor? Because You Could Save Many Lives

One donor can help 50 people
Man in hospital bed after organ donation - thumbs up

Every nine minutes, a new person joins the national waiting list for an organ transplant. “There are diseases with no cure that are only helped by transplants,” says Transplant Center Enterprise Director Charles Miller, MD. Here’s what you should know about organ donation:

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Organ donation facts and figures

Dr. Miller stresses that transplant surgeons have great respect for people who donate their organs. Organs are carefully recovered without any outward, visible signs.

One person’s donation can save or improve as many as 50 lives. “We need to be generous and help one another,” says Dr. Miller. “People on the waiting lists have families and children who need them. No one should be denied.”

Some day, it could be your own family or loved one who needs an organ and can benefit from another’s generosity.

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