Is a Meal Kit Service a Healthy Way to Feed My Family?


Q.: Is a meal kit service a healthy way to feed my family?

A.: Nowadays, there are meal kit delivery services advertised everywhere. These are services that deliver recipes and pre-portioned ingredients to subscribers every week. The attraction of these services is saving you the time of grocery shopping, finding recipes, meal planning and deciding on portions.

A meal kit service can be extremely beneficial in getting families into the kitchen together. With all the ingredients portioned out, it’s fairly easy for even the most rookie cook to get involved.

But be wary of the actual ingredients and the portion sizes. Many meal delivery services may say they feed two to four people, but in reality, the appropriate portions from a nutrition standpoint would be more like four to six. And unless specifically designed for children — and some are — remember that these are adult portions and adult calories, so you’ll want to make adjustments.

— Registered dietitian Jennifer Willoughby, RD