11 Guilt-Free Holiday Recipes

Celebrate with Dr. Mark Hyman's recipes
11 Guilt Free Holiday Recipes

Love the holidays — but not the way you feel, or the way your clothes fit, afterward? Try any of these satisfying recipes from Mark Hyman, MD, Director of our Center for Functional Medicine, and you’ll cruise through the holidays looking (and feeling) great!

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  1. Easy Artichoke Dip + Crudités
    Invited to a party (or hosting) and stumped for a tasty yet healthy appetizer? Try this easy recipe; it’s super simple (though it doesn’t taste like it). But that can be our little secret!
  2. Roast Chicken Raspberry and Walnut Salad
    Here’s a festive, healthy twist on classic chicken salad. Roast the chicken a few days ahead to make assembly faster, or use leftover roast chicken or rotisserie chicken from the store.
  3. Braised Chicken With Cashew Gravy
    Cashew butter gives the gravy an amazingly smooth richness. It’s a delicious accompaniment to the crisp-skinned chicken breast. Save the extra gravy for another chicken dish!
  4. Turkey Meatloaf With Baked Root Vegetables
    A colorful dish is a favorite at Thanksgiving (but simple enough to try any time of year)! It takes just 15 minutes to prep for the oven and can serve 4 people. 
  5. Slow-Cooked Brisket with Fennel and Onions
    Start preparing this zero-fuss meal Sunday night. Then, before you leave for work on Monday, turn on your slow cooker, and let the aroma of herbs, spices and savory meat permeate your home!
  6. Spicy Lamb and Veggie Shepherd’s Pie
    This easy casserole features spiced ground lamb, but works with beef and bison, too. The top may look like high-carb mashed potatoes, but we use pureed cauliflower instead. You’ll love the switch!
  7. Herb-Roasted Butternut Squash with Shallots and Garlic
    This easy, tasty, side is great with turkey, braised chicken or baked fish. The squash cooks soft in the center and slightly crispy on the outside, creating an earthy, satisfying dish. The sweet roasted garlic pairs well with the squash and shallots.
  8. Rosemary Garlic Mashed Sweet Potatoes
    When you’re incorporating starchy vegetables into your diet, try this sweet and tasty side dish. It’s a great addition to any holiday meal. 
  9. Pomegranate Citrus Cranberry Sauce
    Ready to kick that jellied cranberry sauce to the curb? Here’s a perfect substitute that’s bursting with flavor, but won’t keep you in the kitchen long.
  10. Pumpkin Spice Cookies
    Don’t reserve pumpkin for your pumpkin spice lattes and pie! These easy spice cookies are a great way to spread the pumpkin love throughout the season.
  11. Ginger Spice Smoothie
    This creamy, low-carb smoothie is a fabulous way to start your day and get into fat-burning mode! As an added benefit, ginger is great for your digestion.

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