Recipe Adventure: 3 Frozen Fruit Treats To Beat the Heat

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Ever look at the ingredients in a popsicle? Most are basically made out of water, sugar, corn syrup, various thickening gums and some seriously vibrant coloring agents. (Red dye 40, anyone?)

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The nutritional value is practically nil, but they’re icy cold … and that’s the real draw on a blistering hot day.

But get this: There’s a way to get that polar feeling PLUS a bit of nutrition. All it takes is a little fruit, a little creativity and a little time as your creation chills in the freezer. Find inspiration with these three treats.

Berry power!

blueberry blackberry banana popsickles

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These berry-based “black-and-blue” popsicles pack a decent nutritional punch while delivering 25% of your daily recommended amount of vitamin C. Better yet, the taste will absolutely knock you out.

A tropical delight

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Catch an island vibe wherever you call home with this delicious frozen treat. It’s made from mango, papaya and pineapple — all excellent (and lip-smackingly good) sources of disease-fighting antioxidants.

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Natural red

Pineapple raspberry popsicles

Who needs food coloring when you have fresh raspberries providing the pigment? Try making these eye-catching popsicles, which offer a healthy dose of vitamin C, plus iron, calcium and dietary fiber.

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