5 Dessert Recipes That Won’t Destroy Your Diet

These DIY treats feature fewer calories, more fiber and less fat

How do you satisfy your sweet tooth when you’re trying to eat healthy? Try your hand at creating your own treats — with ingredients you control — rather than buying processed sweets from the store. Here are five recipes we think you and your family will love:

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Recipe: Low-Cal Baked Cinnamon Apples1. Low-Cal Baked Cinnamon Apples

This recipe has legs all year long, but is especially tasty with fresh apples. Best of all: the five-ingredient snack has just 100 calories — one serving has the same number as a fresh Granny Smith apple!


Strawberry Pretzel Squares 2. Strawberry Pretzel Squares

This crowd-pleaser calls for 30 percent less sugar than the standard recipe. Low-fat dairy and fresh strawberries provide all the flavor with half the calories and fat. Make it for the family or a potluck.


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Recipe: Healthier Chocolate Chip Cookies

3. Healthier Chocolate Chip Cookies

Your heart will appreciate this twist on everyone’s favorite cookie, featuring omega-3-rich walnuts, avocado oil, oats and whole-wheat flour. (And, of course, a little dark chocolate never hurts!)


Recipe: Cherry Chocolate-Chip Ice Cream

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4. Cherry Chocolate-Chip Ice Cream

Your family will flip for this yummy, dairy-free treat, made without a drop of milk or added sugar! Naturally sweetened with frozen bananas and cherries, it’s delicious soft-served and hard-packed.


black bean brownies on a dark wood background. the toning. selective focus

5. Fudgy Black Bean Brownies

Avoiding wheat or gluten? Get your chocolate on with this fabulous recipe. Black beans — the surprise ingredient — provides fiber, nutrients and texture. No flour required!

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