Recipe Adventure: 6 Ways To Build Your Love of Beets

Try these nutritious dishes that highlight the flavor and color of the reddish root vegetable
Aerial view of bright purple beet muhammara in small white bowls and atop crackers

People love beets. That bold declaration came from Dwight Schrute, who famously (and fictionally) grew beets as a side hustle to his 9-to-5 gig selling paper for Dunder Mifflin in the television show, “The Office.”

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But do people actually love beets? That’s up for interpretation, but the root vegetable certainly deserves some mealtime affection given its nutritional profile and many health benefits.

So let’s put Dwight’s pronouncement to the test. These recipes are a good place to start.

Get the most from a roast

Roasted Beets

Roasting beets give the vegetable a sweeter, richer flavor. Better yet, it’s easy to do, as this recipe shows. Just slice, bake and enjoy!

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Artistic salads

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The vibrant reddish-purple color of beets makes them a visual delight as a salad topping or side dish. Want to add an extra zing of flavor, too? Try this citrusy recipe meshing roasted beets and oranges.

If you’re looking for a more complex and herby taste, consider this recipe featuring roasted beets, balsamic vinegar and a few items from your spice rack.

Or get creative by mixing roasted beets, fresh figs, walnuts and bacon for a unique salad.

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Beet burgers?

Beet burgers

One of the goals in making meatless burgers is to make them look like …  well, meat. The reddish tint brought by beets brings the right hue to this hamburger patty, which is built with quinoa, oats, chopped nuts and a few other ingredients.

Blended deliciousness

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Want a tasty spread to use atop salmon or just scoop up as a cracker dip? Toss some raw beets, walnuts, garlic and a few other basic kitchen ingredients into a food processor and you’ve got one. Here’s the recipe for beet muhammara.

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