January 26, 2024

10 Healthy Casserole Recipes To Try

Whether as a main dish, a side or even a dessert, casseroles are the ultimate comfort food

Shepherd's pie casserole in cast iron pan

There’s no food quite as comforting as a casserole. They’re warm, inviting and shareable, and they’re easy to both customize and prepare. Plus, their one-dish nature allows for easy cleanup and storage, which makes them particularly practical for people with busy lives (aka, all of us).


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Whether you’re making tonight’s dinner or meal prepping for the week, here are 10 healthy casserole recipes worth adding to your cooking repertoire.

Keep it classic

turkey vegetable casserole

Get the feel of a creamy, satisfying casserole without the uncomfortable, overstuffed feeling that sometimes comes after eating it. Creamy Turkey and Vegetable Casserole is packed with potatoes, zucchini, other veggies and fresh herbs, but it’s made with a lower-fat dairy so it doesn’t sit heavy in your stomach.

Feed the whole family

one-pot chicken, brown rice, green beans, peppers

Whether you’re cooking for one or making meals for many, the recipe for One-Pot Chicken and Brown Rice Casserole can be doubled or even tripled depending on the size of your dinnertime crew. It’s a great way to get protein, veggies and healthy grains into just one dish.

Go beyond broth

healthy chicken noodle casserole

If you love a cup of chicken noodle soup when you’re feeling crummy or when you just want to get cozy, Low-Fat Chicken Noodle Casserole is going to be your new favorite food. It has a super creamy base but with less sodium, fewer calories and not nearly as much fat as other casseroles of its kind. Plus, it’s jam-packed with vegetables.


Let leftovers shine

Turkey, Rice and Zucchini casserole in white bowl on a green striped cloth.

Battle the boredom that leftovers sometimes bring by turning them into Wild Rice Casserole With Leftover Turkey. This recipe works well with chicken, too — and if you don’t have leftovers but want to whip up this dish, just grab a fully cooked rotisserie bird from your local grocery store instead. It’ll do the trick just as deliciously.

Eat like an Englishman

slice of shepherd's pie on a white plate

Shepherd’s Pie With Beef is a lighter version of this hearty dish, which is especially popular in the United Kingdom. It’s full of flavor but without all the fat and calories typical of the meal, thanks to a lean cut of meat, skim milk and fat-free, reduced-sodium beef broth. But don’t worry: It’s still full of classic, fluffy mashed potato goodness!

Make an a-maize-ing meal

chicken corn tamale

Pot pie is basically just a round casserole, right?! Chipotle Chicken and Corn Tamale Pot Pie is a heart-healthy, Mexican-inspired comfort food dish with a crisp cornmeal crust and a bubbly filling that includes chicken, chiles, tomatillos, warming spices and even some golden raisins for a hint of sweetness.

Hold the cheese, please

Closeup of Macaroni and cheese in a white bowl on a white background.

Love mac ‘n’ cheese but can’t (or don’t want) do all that dairy? Mac 'n' Cheese-less is a healthy twist on a classic comfort food, made with a cashew-based cream sauce that you make ahead of time and let sit overnight. Serve it hot and bubbly with a veggie on the side, like Brussels sprouts roasted with salt, pepper and olive oil.


Go for the gold

cornmeal casserole

Channel family cookouts and quintessential Southern snacking with Easy Gluten-free Cornmeal Casserole. Made with golden-hued cornmeal, salted butter, eggs and milk, it’s a delicious addition to a dinner meal in place of potatoes, rice or pasta. You can even turn the leftovers (if you have any!) into crispy croutons.

Stay sweet (but not too sweet!)

Healthy Sweet Potato Casserole

You don’t have to wait for Thanksgiving to enjoy a Light Sweet Potato Casserole, a far less sugary variation on the traditional holiday dish. Sweet potatoes are naturally, well, sweet, so there’s no need for marshmallows and candied nuts on top. Instead, this recipe includes cinnamon, vanilla and a bit of brown sugar to take it to the next level.

Delve into dessert

winter fruit gratin with a spoon in the center

Yep, dessert casserole is totally a thing. Winter Fruit Gratin is a warm dessert for a cold day. Bartlett pears, Gala apples and fresh cranberries are tossed in a mixture of brown sugar and orange liqueur, then topped with a cinnamon-spiced blend of oats, flour and almonds. The result is a satisfying, sweet and cozy end to any meal.

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