June 22, 2023/Recipes

Recipe Adventure: 10 Ways To Get Hooked on Salmon

The heart-healthy seafood is versatile and pairs well with many foods

Closeup of grilled salmon and warm cannellini bean salad on a plate.

Global salmon production is expected to jump past 2.9 million metric tons in 2023. That’s a lot of fish hitting the market — yet, it’s still not enough to keep up with consumer appetites.


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The reason? For one, salmon is pretty darn tasty, with a rich and almost buttery flavor. But salmon also scores top marks when it comes to heart health, given its high levels of omega-3 fatty acids.

So, if you’re going to regularly eat wild or farm-raised salmon to gain those benefits, it’s best to have some recipe options. Here are 10 to consider.


Tasty salmon burgers

Do you want a burger or salmon for dinner tonight? That’s a tough decision. But there’s no need to choose if you try this recipe for snappy salmon burgers, where your favorite fish goes into patty form.

A twist on a classic

salmon marsala

Move over chicken because there’s a new player in the Marsala game. This recipe for salmon marsala takes a from-the-seas approach to the classic dish featuring mushrooms and Marsala wine.

Savory salad

Salmon arugula salad with tomatoes

Take your salad toward the surf with this delicious and super healthy dish. Salmon shares the stage with baby arugula, leafy greens loaded with powerful phytonutrients that protect against multiple forms of cancer.

Mediterranean diet special

salmon and warm cannellini bean salad

Seafood, legumes and vegetables are foundational within the heart-healthy Mediterranean diet. They’re also the key building blocks for this easy-to-make salmon and warm cannellini bean salad

More Mediterranean

A plate with cooked salmon over lentils with mustard vinaigrette and slices of lemon.

Broiled salmon served over lentils with a mustard vinaigrette really is as delicious as it sounds. And as fabulous as it tastes, it may score even higher in regard to being healthy.

Fire up the grill

Wild King Salmon with char marks cooking on an outdoor grill

Grilling salmon takes a special touch to thoroughly cook the fillet without any burning or excessive charring. Follow these simple directions to land a perfectly grilled salmon every time you fire up the grill.

Want to give your grilled salmon some extra zing? Try topping it with a zesty mango salsa.

Feel the heat

Harissa salmon.

Give your salmon a little heat treatment with this recipe featuring a harissa spice blend. The red chili flakes in the spice blend promise a fiery finish to the buttery richness of baked or grilled salmon.

Finger food

Salmon mouse on a cracker with red cabbage, cucumber, sprouts, and green onions

Salmon in mousse form? It can be done! A few ingredients and a quick turn in a food processor can transform the seafood into a delightfully light mousse. A warning, though: This appetizer may overshadow your main course.

Beat the clock

Blackened salmon with avocados

Blackened salmon with avocado may sound like a designer dish that requires a serious time investment in the kitchen. The truth? It only takes about 15 minutes to make this flavorful meal a reality.

Brunch plans

A plate of grilled salmon, a cucumber salad and lemon wedges and slices

As you’ve probably noticed from the recipes above, salmon pairs nicely with a wide range of foods. Let’s add cucumbers to the list with this nourishing recipe that’s perfect for weekend brunch.


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