Recipe Adventure: 7 DIY Salsas to Spice Up Any Meal

You’ll say goodbye to store-bought salsas after making these creations
Blueberry Jalapeno salsa

If your secret recipe for salsa involves twisting open a store-bought jar and dumping out the contents, here’s a news flash: You’re missing out.

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Homemade salsa built from fresh produce offers a satisfying zing that’ll take your taste buds to a special place. There’s also plenty of room for culinary creativity if you’re willing to get adventurous with ingredients. (Blueberries, anyone?)

Best of all, it’s incredibly simple to make your own salsa and wow anyone who dips a chip. See for yourself with these recipes.

Classic salsas

black Bean corn salsa

Want to replicate the look of store-bought salsa while boosting the taste? Try this recipe, which features familiar ingredients such as tomatoes, black beans, corn, red onion and green pepper in a zesty dressing.

Or mix up this lower-fat version, which adds in chickpeas and jalapenos.

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Go verde

tomatillo, tomatillo salsa, salsa verde, salsa recipes

Tomatillo may translate to “little tomato,” but the diminutive orb carries a BIG taste. The green fruit is known for its bright, tart and almost citrusy flavor — which is showcased in this salsa verde. (For added fun, you get to “unwrap” tomatillos by removing its paper-like husk.)

Extra veggies

pepper zucchini salsa

Whipping up a batch of salsa is a perfect opportunity to empty out your refrigerator’s vegetable drawer. This recipe features zucchini, yellow squash, red and green bell peppers.

Smoky goodness

Salsa with charred corn, pinto beans, onions and tomatoes

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If you’re a fan of that charred grill taste, you’ll love this version of salsa. Letting ingredients such as corn, jalapenos and onions hang out on hot grates for a few minutes brings a smoky flavor that’ll have everyone scooping heavy. (Using pinto beans adds a nutritious twist, too.)

Feeling blue

The combination of blueberries, jalapenos and Hungarian hot peppers brings a sweet heat to this eye-grabbing salsa. Plus, the blue color — definitely not the norm in salsas — will draw some attention to the table.

Mango mania

Salmon with mango salsa

A salsa with no tomatoes? You bet. Mangoes grab the starring role in this mixture, which works great as a topping for salmon or on its own. It’s a tropical delight!

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