Recipe Adventure: 8 Meals To Try on Taco Tuesday (or Any Time)

These outstanding options are sure to guac your world

The humble taco is one of the most beloved, versatile foods of all time — a powerhouse of possibilities, an unmistakable mark of culinary celebration. You can fill ’em up with whatever you like, from grilled meats to roasted veggies, topped with myriad types of slaw and salsas that run the gamut from mild to fiery.

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Whether you’re a traditional purist who prefers them on the simple side or a modern-day culinary adventurer prone to pushing the limits, these healthy, hearty recipes will give the whole family something to taco ’bout.

Love me tender

Pork tenderloin tacos feature a lean cut of meat that’s high in protein, low in saturated fat and packed with B vitamins. Plus, it’s surprisingly simple to make an accompanying tomatillo salsa that delivers a dose of heat to complement zesty lime and cool cabbage.

Magnificently meatless

Roasted cauliflower tacos prove that meat and cheese are wholly unnecessary for truly tasty tacos. Hearty pinto beans provide the base for these beauties, but the real stars are the veggies, dusted with chili powder and roasted to sweet, crispy perfection.

Wrap it up

The surprise twist in these Swiss chard chicken tacos is substituting leafy greens for standard taco shells! Fill them with flavorful ground chicken sautéed in spices like cumin and garam masala for a new and satisfying spin on a comforting classic.

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No time to spare

Give new meaning to “fast food” when you whip up 5-minute fish tacos using frozen or fresh white fish fillets (think flounder, cod, snapper or tilapia). They’re flaky, flavorsome and low-fat — and they cook up in just five minutes.

A snap to make

Light and refreshing red snapper tacos with mango salsa make for a superb summer meal that won’t weigh you down. And the salsa also pairs perfectly with meals like chicken and pork, so it’s a recipe worth keeping handy for other dishes, too.

Bowled over

Move over, tortilla shells! Taco salad with beef and avocado features all your favorites, but deconstructed. It calls for grass-fed beef cooked in a mélange of Mexican spices and topped with a delicious, nutritious mix of greens and veggies.

Hearty but healthy

This southwestern-inspired taco salad with rice is a great one-dish meal made with ground sirloin and fresh veggies. The recipe lists possible swaps and healthy additions, too, if you want to boost its nutritional benefits and give it some extra flavor.

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Legendary layering

If you’re headed to an event or just want to keep the whole family fed and full, 8-layer taco salad makes for a quick-and-easy appetizer or dinner option that can be scooped up with baked tortilla chips or layered onto a whole grain tortilla or wrap.

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