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7 Mediterranean Diet Recipes to Fuel Your Healthy Lifestyle

A menu full of cardiovascular benefits

Toasted Quinoa and Salmon Salad

Plenty of nutrient-rich plants. Ample amounts of good fats. A healthy dose of whole grains. Some lean fish and poultry, and maybe a little red wine or dark chocolate every now and then.


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Yes, it’s the Mediterranean Diet, and it’s regarded by many in the medical community as the gold standard of heart-healthy diets.

Whether you’re taking small steps in the direction of better health or have been eating Mediterranean-inspired meals for years, there’s a place for these tasty dishes in your regular rotation.

Pan-Roasted Smoky Chicken Over Rosemary-Garlic Cannellini Beans

This entrée features some Mediterranean diet superstars, including beans, lean chicken breast, tomatoes and rosemary, and proves that comfort food doesn’t have to land like a brick in your belly.

Charred Broccoli Tabbouleh Salad

Try this delightful twist on traditional tabbouleh that blends nutritious, high-fiber bulgur with charred broccoli, chickpeas and tahini. You’ll get bone-building vitamin K and vegetarian protein.

Mediterranean Vegetable Soup

A hearty soup made with zucchini, yellow squash and chickpeas that will warm you up inside. Stewed tomatoes, vegetable broth and a dollop of yogurt make a tasty broth.

Toasted Quinoa and Salmon Salad

The sweetness of salmon meets the nuttiness of quinoa, and the result is a delicious lunch or dinner packed with omega-3s.

Cod With Lentils and Salsa Verde

This layered dish is easy enough for weeknight dinners but special enough for weekend guests.

Salmon and Warm Cannellini Bean Salad

Packed with fiber, potassium and your daily allotment of omega 3-rich fats, this salad is the perfect no-fuss meal for the entire family.

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